ABN and Company Registration Services by Tax Save

If you are about to start a new company or register for a new ABN in Sydney, you need a reliable legal advice to do correct documentation at this stage. Getting your start-up name, helping you with legal formalities involved and maintaining the data of your company, doing various registrations are some of the services that we offer for your business. For registering your company in Australia, we will take care of correct and accurate filing all documents, preparing details of directors, having required forms on records and payment of registration fee.

We at Tax Save make sure that you don’t have to worry about any aspect regarding registration and legal documentation, once you assign us the responsibility of the same.

Why Do I need an ABN?

An ABN (Australian Business number) is a 11 unique digit number identifying a business that is usually the first step of establishing a business that creates credibility and a significant amount of financial advantages. Not having an ABN could potentially turn many customers away, due to a lack of trustworthiness and take you less seriously. To register for GST, one would require an ABN to apply for tax credits.

We help you through the entire process of dealing with the department of fair trading, forming a company, registering for an ABN, protecting your assets and registering for PAYG. At Tax Save, we also give you general advice that might help you along your business endeavor, to make setting up that new business that little bit easier. Speak to our Tax Accountants for a seamless start up.

To register a .au domain in Australia, the domain administration requires you to have an ABN before you are able to register a domain. So you if you’re planning to run a website for your business, you will need to set up an ABN before you are able to register that website domain.

Another reason why an ABN could be useful is that certain services and offers from companies are only available to businesses and often use an ABN as a means of identifying as to whether you are business.

All in all, being able to provide an ABN on request from other businesses is almost an expectation, so it might do you and your business better in the long run.

ABN registration, Company registration and partnerships.

When setting up your ABN, we also make sure your set up right from the get go, to make all your tax planning easier in future. Whether you’re going for an ABN or ACN, or sorting out a partnership, were here to help. We can also give you advice about ABN registrations and the pros and cons for registering a Company name over an ABN.

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